You have a design idea, but you can not find your dream jewel anywhere?

Whether for a new creation or a modification of existing jewel(s), Anaëlle Lepont can create you custom order.

Here are the steps for a custom order:

1. Discussion 

Contact me to discuss (email, phone, Skype, or in person). We will talk about the design, the materials, the measurements and the desired colors. If you have images or jewels that inspire you, send them to me or bring them! I will draw designs during our discussion.

2. Sketch 

This step is necessary when there are uncertainties about the desired design after the first discussion. Creation of preparatory sketches, by hand or in 3D.  If there are any changes to make, we can discuss them and make the changes until satisfaction.

3. Estimate

With the design, material information and your measurements, I will be able to provide you with an estimate for the cost of the project. I will also be able to provide you with a delivery date. This estimate will be sent to you for approval with signature.

4. Creation of the piece of  jewelry

A payment of 50% of the estimated cost is requested. With it, I will buy all the necessary materials and realize your design!

5. Satisfaction process

To make sure everything is in accordance with your wishes, images of the work in progress will be sent to you step by step. If necessary, we will make a first try on (for the rings in particular), and eventually see to the modification of size. Then, we will schedule an other fitting.

6. Delivery!

After the final photo of the jewel or the last try on, the remaining balance will be due; either I send you your custom order, or I give it to you in person!

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