Necklace Shimmering Mirage, Tribute to Miró

Shimerring Mirage is an articulated necklace influenced by the work of Joan Miró and the surrealist movement.

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Mirage MIROitant (Shimmering Mirage) is a massive articulated necklace made between 2017 and 2018, influenced by the work of Joan Miró and the surrealist movement. The title in French is a play on words containing the family name of the painter to whom I pay homage, essentially referring to his Constellations, as well as to the dialogue books Adonides (texts by Jacques Prévert) and The stolen issue (texts by Jacques Dupin).

I took the primary colors, childish shapes and symbols (stars) dear to the painter and I made them mine and designed a piece of jewelry in three dimensions that I could wear. I mainly used glass to use color, but also to show transparency and light. I wanted to explore the visual and tactile sensations through a balance between the notions of chiaroscuro, color-neutral, fragile-hard, flat-deep, mat-shiny, clean-dirty, rigid-curved, etc. The silver had to be weathered, splattered with black oxidation, to let see rough and naive sketches of the painter. When I imagined this necklace, my intention was to capture the light, the colors and the shapes to emancipate myself from the conventions of beauty and perfection. I wanted to wear these shapes and colors as if we were part of a painting. Then, content (jewel) and container (body) merge. They give way to a sensory, synaesthetic experience, so that the wearer becomes a living jewel-picture.

I always remember my dreams, but the details that I remember best are always related to colors. That’s why I think that since my childhood I ‘ve been drawning to the visual arts. This is how modern artists like Miró, Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinski, Keith Harring, Calder, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who have worked on the sensations generated by colors and arrangements in space still influence me today.


Photo credit: Anthony McLean

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Dimensions 1.9 × 23 × 43 cm

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